Learning Dynamics CRM

Do you want to learn Microsfot Dynamics CRM and you don’t know where to start from?

Everyone has ever been a dummy …

Start learning Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be a challenge. Despite of there is a lot information spread out on different sites and sources, nobody tell you a summary with the main resources. That is exactly what this site is about. Basically, I would like to share a collection of useful links that you can start with (click each link to get more details).

Where should you start from? There is no a unique answer and it depends on your role. If you are a developer, I would start with the SDK, the Developer Training Kit and the Implementaiton Guide. If your role is not that technical, either search for a proper book or a course that matches your expectations. In any case, certifications, blogs, whitepapers and forums are great complements.

Finally, as general advice, this should be “the cycle of life of your CRM questions“:

Search in the SDK = (if no answer) => Surf the Internet = (if no answer) => Post in MSDN CRM Forums

  • Software Development Toolkit (SDK)

It’s “The Real Bible of Dynamics CRM” that include a rich description about What is Dynamcis CRM, How to use it and How to Extend and Develop on the Platform. It composed by technical and conceptual documentation, as well as source code, templates and hand-on-labs. This should be always your first and main point of reference

CRM 2011


CRM 4.0


  • Developer Training Kit

The training kit includes various resources to help you learn the development features of Dynamics CRM. It includes:

  • Presentations – Presentation decks in PowerPoint (.pptx) format that you can use to learn the concepts.
  • Videos – Video recordings of the presentation along with demos delivered by expert trainers.
  • Hands-on Labs – Hands-on labs with detailed instructions and source code that will walk you through various development features.

CRM 2011


  • Implementation Guide

Well and now, how can we install Microsoft Dynamics CRM and what do we need? The answer is simple: Implementation Guide, where you will learn how to plan, install, and maintain the platform.

CRM 2011


CRM 4.0


  • Certifications

if your goal is to become an official Dynamics CRM professional, a Microsoft Certification is the next step. Many companies regard it very positively and your market value will increase considerably.

CRM 2011

CRM 4.0

  • Blogs

There is no a good technology product without a community who speaks about it… Consequently, Microsoft Dynamics CRM should be a good platform according to the number of valuable blogs you can find in the Internet. Although we would like to expose all of them, we will try to highlight the main ones (Please, let us know if you regard when you add yours or any other one):

  • MSDN CRM Forums

I have a problem/question and I don’t find my answer neither in the SDK nor the Internet!?

Then, it is time to post and ask the experts. In the MSDN Dynamics Forum you can post your questions and discussions, which will be answered quickly.

International (English):

Other languages:
  • Whitepapers

White papers are interesting articles focused in a specific topic. Microsoft and third party companies publish them eventually. Have a look at the next links for CRM 2011:

  • Books


Great book about different topics of Dynamics written by CRM MVPs. It has been mainly based on Dynamics CRM 2011


All the tricks in one book about how to extend Dynamics CRM experience using Silverlight

  • Courses
  • Events

Extreme CRM. Extreme is the premier partner event focused exclusively on Microsoft Dynamics CRM and dedicated to advancing best practices and strategies for Microsoft Dynamics CRM organizations. There are two separate extreme events held each year, one in Europe and the other in the United States. You will find information regarding past as well as future extreme events by clicking the appropriate tabs above

Convergence: Convergence is the premier Microsoft Dynamics event where you can experience first-hand how you can optimize your business and improve your bottom line. This event serves as the meeting point for the Microsoft Dynamics Customer and Partner business community


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