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Dynamics 365 Outlook App button inactive

This article shows a scenario where the Dynamics 365 app button will be inactive, like grayed out, in the Outlook menu. This may be caused just because of the View Reading Pane configuration in your Outlook client.

ramontebar_blog_Dynamics Outlook App - Grayed out button

However, you may still see the button active when you create a new email or an appointment:

ramontebar_blog_Dynamics Outlook App - Appointment Active button

ramontebar_blog_Dynamics Outlook App - Email Active button

In Outlook, your View Reading Pane must be Right or Bottom for the button being active:

ramontebar_blog_Dynamics Outlook App - Reading Pane Right or Bottom

ramontebar_blog_Dynamics Outlook App - Reading Pane Off

Hope this helps.

Configurations notes:

This post is based on the following configuration:

  • Dynamics 365 Online Version:
  • Outlook 2013

Please notice there may be other reasons why this button could be inactive, see the following forum discussion.




Outlook freezes trying to search

My Outlook (2007) froze trying to search in any folder, even an empty one 😦


Windows Search Service (Windows 7)

Event Log Error:

The plug-in in <Search.TripoliIndexer> cannot be initialized


Start Windows Search Service (it was stopped, I don’t why 😦 ). However, I couldn’t do it straigh forward and first I had to set the value from 1 to 0 for the next registry entry :

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows Search\SetupCompleted

After set that entry to 0, I tryied to start the service and it works fine. That entry automatically is set up to 1 again.

I hope it helps.

PS: My fount of inspiration was the next forum discussion: