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[CRM 4] How to re-active failed asynchronous jobs

Because of different issues (e.g. missing some account in the PrivUserGroup) , you might find in your CRM system (this experience is based on Dynamics CRM 4, it might be applicable to CRM 2011) that some asynchronous jobs have failed and their current state and status is “Completed-Failed”.

How can you re-active these failed asynchronous jobs?

First option (supported): If they are on demand workflows, try to re-run them again

Second option (unsopported): Change the state and status of these jobs to “Ready-Waiting For Resources”. You have to do this from CRM DB using the next script:

UPDATE AsyncOperationBase

set Statecode = 0 , statuscode = 0

where asyncoperationid in


SELECT asyncoperationid

FROM AsyncOperationBase with (NOLOCK)

where StatusCode = 31

and CreatedOn >= ‘Start-datetime’ and CreatedOn <= ‘End-datetime’


These solution is also suitable for workflow expansion task